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Weddings – A Luxe Minimalists Affair

minimalist wedding
Monica Vinader
To have and to hold until death do us part – these are the words you say as part of your vows and they mean the world to anyone who says them. The words translated simply mean eternity together forever and why not? This is your partner for life, your chosen. Out of billions of fish in the oceans – this is the one!

There could be plenty of debate on this issue of course but there’s no doubt that any bride wants a fairy tale wedding. One that can stand the test of time over and over again – a minimalist wedding affair.

As fulfilling as these words are so should be your entire wedding celebration – the planning, invitation, venue, bride, wedding jewelry, groom, bridesmaids and grooms men. Everything should speak minimalist.

1. Planning a minimalist wedding

The basis of a minimalist wedding is in the use of clean white spaces, earthy colors and an endless supply of things bought, found and borrowed. Embracing the simplicity that comes with prioritizing rather than splurging outrageously means for a memorable and intimate affair. So how do you do this? Read on;

wedding buffet

The Guest List – It seems undoable yet it can be done. Remember prioritize. And as the bride you can get away with a lot of things, this is your day after all and anything you say goes. We all have extended families and there can be a lot to think about, which is why I suggest you can speak to them and ask for just one representative plus one. This makes it convenient to focus on immediate family and friends.

Monica Vinader

The Menu – Food is a tricky department, right! Guest can RSVP with their choice of food choices, throwing a spanner into your planning. Plan ahead and explore the options you have; a buffet style meal or plated? A buffet style could be inexpensive but it would need more food since guests serve themselves while the traditional sit down plated dinner means having extra hands for serving.

minimalist decorations

Minimalist Wedding Decorations – As a white space white table linen should be your tables master piece. It is a beautiful color that is meant to be striking at the same time lures you into it’s beauty. Do not put too many decorations on top a white table linen as it’s the main feature.

Wedding Flowers – Add a touch of enchantment by putting up a flower wall as a focal point and photograph backdrop. It’s a scientific fact that flowers bring enlightenment and happiness to onlookers.

minimalist flowers

Handmade Decor – There’s plenty of DIY decorations you could make to make your day memorable. Try adding a special touch with color dipped balloons, I say color to make for any personal favorite that could be chosen but my personal favorite is gold. Put a petal toss stand for guest to throw at you as you make your way out.

Cake – Naked or decorated? Try a naked cake for the perfect minimalist companion against the traditional fondant iced cake. It’s just very good to look at. naked cake

2. Minimalist Wedding Invite

Get ready to roll out the carpet – well the invite before the carpet. Anyway carpet comes after invite so…roll it out in style! Let people in on the elegance to ensue and have them prepared for the grandest day of your life.

Try a simple modern black and white invite or a minimalist floral invite. This will surely get your guests impressed and gearing up with excitement for the big day.

3. Minimalist Bride

We have seen the rise of this style. Every unique woman is finding herself opting for the minimal wedding dress. Take inspiration from real life princesses; Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Eugenie wedding dresses. Each fit to their body and personal taste. Explore your true style and make your wedding day the highlight of your life.

Monica Vinader

minimalist bride

Wedding Bouquet – Keep every detail elegantly subtle. You can stick to tradition and go for the white rose bouquet or to spice it about a bit try a variety of dried wildflowers even a monochromatic bouquet consisting of single bloom flowers or in same hue gradient.

4. Minimalist Jewelry

As the bride you are the centerpiece of the whole event. Your dress and accessories need to show up! And to accessorize doesn’t mean forcing any minimalist piece on your wedding day, your wedding band is the perfect accessory. With the right selection of your engagement ring and/or wedding band, you take trophy for minimal bride. Also, you can choose to draw back on excessively accessorizing.

minimalist wedding band


5. The Epitome of Perfection

And perfection lasts forever. Walk down the isle with confidence and pride that you are radiant, glowing and beautiful. Your wedding day is as perfect as the vision you had in your mind.The biggest advantage of choosing minimalist wedding can save up a little ching-ching for the honeymoon fund and make the day all about YOU! This ultimately lies with what you wear and how you accessories. Your wedding dress and band will forever be etched in history.

minimal wedding band minimalist engagement ring

You get to share the day with your immediate family and friends and this will only draw you close, more people could cause a little drama. Sadly there are still people out there that continue to think about themselves instead of remembering who’s big day it is – so trimming your guest list a bit can deter this greatly. The unfortunate truth is you cannot invite everyone you ever crossed paths with, so be prepared to have some people feeling left out.

Monica Vinader

2 thoughts on “Weddings – A Luxe Minimalists Affair

  1. The writing of this post was clear and concise. It made reading the entire post an easy task. Your photos were beautiful, only top notch! I have a sister that ring would look perfect on. I will be sending her this post. I will be sharing your post with her.

    1. That’s great John..looks like your sister has very good taste! I wanna hear her take on this issue and how she would plan her minimalist wedding (if she isn’t married already!) Please do share!

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