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Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelet – Treasured by BFF’s

I remember my first best friend, her name was Brenda. We were in the same class and we were inseparable – after school we would walk home together part ways to go change then meet up again. Always felt like my day was 50hours long with her. We always had so much fun playing house and making fun of others – bad of us yes but…! I was 11 years old and have done some growing up since then.

Used to get so jealous Brenda talking to other girls felt they were stealing her from I type this I remember one day after school crying because Brenda had gone ahead of me with another girl. I hurried up to reach them and when I did they were laughing and having fun without me 🙁 🙁 There we were walking on different sides of the road listening to them snickering and hearing my heart break in bits of pieces every time.

As we were approaching my house as it is the first one, she jumped to the other side of the road to ask me why I wasn’t walking with her today and I cried and said ” but you left me behind”…not my finest hour but I loved Brenda a little too much!

Growing up I understood ONE or TWO important facts about friendship; a true friend never hurts you intentionally and a true friend never holds onto one like they are property and belong to them alone. I guess that’s TWO facts 🙂 ! As a result of me moving around I had several friends all of which I would say improved my understanding of myself and what friendship meant in unique ways. But its all LOVE! Positive vibes and well wishes all the way._minimalist personalized friendship bracelets

I found a true friend in Thabile – we didn’t exactly hit it off but we found common ground one day in 2008 when she came to my rescue selflessly. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship and we sealed our friendship with a good luck thread..the emphasis on thread – will give you a clear picture of how (terrible) it looked. It was cool though it meant a lot to each other.

To celebrate friends everywhere – explore friendship bracelets for your #BFF#BESTIE#BESTFRIENDSFOREVER. With all the up and down life throws at you it will be nice to know you have someone in your corner that’s rooting for you – they might not always agree with your choices but you know they mean well and put your happiness first.

Overall Rank – 4/5

Product Description – This iconic friendship bracelet is an essential piece and the perfect gift for friends. The bracelet features a smooth, curved bar in 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver. The bar measures 12.3cm in length, with a gap of approximately 5.3cm between each end. A toggle slides to easily adjust the cord’s length for a snug fit.

Pros & Cons – The band comes in 13 different colors, so much room for choice. Personalize by engraving either on the bar or toggle and it does not delay shipping. The downside; it is a little pricey.

Price – £135, Shop bracelets from Monica Vinader

Guarantee – 2 year warranty for your piece of mind.

Product Specifications – Select from three finishes; 18ct Rose Gold on Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold and Sterling Silver.Monica Vinader

Conclusive – Friendship Bracelets make your bond stronger!

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”

There’s no doubt that a friend adds to the joy of life. We carry a lesser burden when we have someone to share good or bad news with. Authenticity, honesty, and trust are qualities we expect to find in a friend. There’s an understanding that binds together friends helping each other realize the meaning of life.

4 thoughts on “Personalized Sterling Silver Bracelet – Treasured by BFF’s

  1. Great post! It had some real heart in it, not just some cookie cutter post like I come across too often. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself, it made the difference and its what made it great.

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