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Irreplaceable Modern, Delicate Minimalist Jewelry to Wish-list Today

In order to be irreplaceable emphasis is has to be put on the ability to be different and keep fresh. We want to make sure we dont just blend in – you want to be simply unforgettable – makes us feel confident right. Wearing jewelry everyday gives your life that zing! That extra spice to have you feeling beautiful all week long. Which is why I love minimalist jewelry. I have compiled savage minimalist pieces here for your enjoyment, hopefully they will make a big impact on your outfit.

1. Rectangle Medallion Necklace

I have plenty of love for layered necklaces, but the simplicity and design of this one just melts my heart. It’s in its design that makes me feel like it keeps my secrets and desires close to my heart under lock and key. Its just perfectly made. I wonder if the designer had the same thought in mind.

2. Fiji Friendship Bracelet

Friendship is everything. I think if you have a friend/(s) it’s something to cherish everyday – to have someone you can tell your secrets to and share the burden of life just makes life worth living. Monica represents this ever so beautifully with this bracelet to make sure it lasts forever and is irreplaceable.

3. Mezi Mini Hoop Earrings

Bring out these stunners 10 years from now and they will still slay! If you read about the history of hoop earrings – it goes far back. Far back. Dating as far back as the bronze age – particularly the Minoan civilization (c. 2700 to c. 1100 BC). So whats 10, 20 years right. This piece of accessory is priceless. Smooth curves and lines makes it catching to the eye.

4. Gold Signature Bangle

Divine. Absolutely divine. Minimalism is more than just a concept – its an art; wearing captivating aesthetic rare-sought after pieces. This bracelet needs nothing more than what it has to charm and catch an eye. Just let it show to add points to any monochromatic outfit.

5. Sunburst Shield Ring

My feel good minimalist jewelry brand – I love how they incorporate that summer feeling into their designs. Everybody loves summer – showing a little skin here and there, sun bathing at the beach and just overall high spirits of good health. Hats off to Daisy.Their sunburst shield ring encompasses all I love about minimalist design – art.

6. Isla Starfish Chain Bracelet

Charmingly simple bracelet with a simple chain – dazzle by wearing this diminutive and fine, designed piece. This bracelet needs no more than the starfish in the middle to captivate and make you feel good and happy about yourself.

7. Aspinall Metallic Bracelet

Another favorite for friendship goals. Its simple token of love and care and an overall statement piece to show commitment in any relationship. What I love about it is the colour for one – I will take Gold, Rose Gold any day over Silver. Not to say Silver is not endearing to the eye – Gold is just a personal favourite. Surprisingly however I do not envision my future wedding ring Gold. On this front I am drawn to Silver. 🙂 I guess it comes down to whether the pieces at topic are either fashion jewelry pieces or fine jewelry pieces.

I am sure you have your own preference and can’t wait to hear from you onthe comments section below 🙂

8. Isla Fossil Charm Necklace

I love how the necklace attaches to the neck as sort of finding the missng puzzle piece. I swear it comes together to perfectly enhance your outfit and bare skin. To be worn in pride. I greatly pay attention not only to how jewelry goes with the outfit but also how it compliments the skin of the wearer. You find a person who loves and feels confident with the jewelry they are wearing, to be touching it every now and then – and this is what you will get when wearing this lovely piece.

9. Multi Diamond Solitaire Necklace

The ever true statement ” diamonds are a girls best friend” rings in the ears of all women when they buy diamond pieces or are gifted such accessories. Who doesnt love diamonds – the rare, shiny stones brings so much pride. With that in mind picture yourself wearing a diamond studded necklace bringing shine and glam to any dull outfit. It’s a definite keeper in my books.

10. Bidu Fanned Stud Earrings

They do not dangle – they stick to your ear like beautiful blossoming flowers. Perfectly made for days you don’t want interference from dangling tassels. The option then rests on looking pretty with SOKO fanned studs. Wear them when going out for movie dates, catching a drink or two with friends or a Sunday lunch. Its the simplicity and aesthetic design that will have you catching a lot of eyes and being the envy of many. Its this sort of not trying to hard that makes you stand out and enjoy being the only one.

Why I love Minimalist Jewelry…

It has been debated that it is just a trend and will soon fade but I beg to differ. I think if we look into the history of it – it will rest our nerves that we are not just spending aimlessly – throwing money away so to say. I grew up looking up to my grandmother jewelry collection, it wasn’t much but she had the usual but elegant pearl necklace, simple Gold chain and diamond studs. I was young and certainly felt this was cool.

Fast forward 20 years later – these are the same jewlery pieces that are doing the rounds. Simplicity and elegance still reigns and thats what I love most anout minimalist pieces. They stay beautiful forever – they simply dont fade like many on trend jewelry.

I would love to hear your thoughts down below on the comment section guys. Would you or would not buy these pieces and why?

Thank you for reading my article, hope you find it helpful.

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