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Be Bold & Beautiful with Minimalist Jewelry (Affordable!) | To Accessorize With For Summer/Spring 2019

Shop bold, beautiful statement minimalist jewelry this summer. Its time to let your shine out with these enchanting pieces to set your look on. Shop these looks and be an influencer in your own right living in your own spotlight. The following brands will give a bold, minimalist statement look.


Modern, aesthetic and enchanting. SOKO jewelry will have you believe you are in a different era and space. Their collections are made entirely of ethically sourced materials. Just one look and you will want one of each from their collections. Exceptionally handcrafted in Kenya to give you that raw African beauty. Even more intriguing is their passion to give back to their artisans who handcraft these pieces. A brand with a cause – I love it! Iconic Women Wear SOKO. Shop Now.


Gives you that thrill for life – their collections jolting with vibrancy and energy. Explore and celebrate the beauty of stacking and layering with their beautiful array of jewelry. Their style is a blend of Indian embellishment and Swedish Scandinavian style. And if you have seen Indian women, they never fall short of an occasion to make a statement with their jewelry -ever so bold.


Wait and behold this heirloom-quality, vintage inspired jewelry. Simple with perfectly designed, clean lines. Go on and explore the simplicity of their collection; the website is a treasure trove of useful information of how you can dress their jewelry. Visit them here Accessories & Shoes Starting at $9.99. Valid 7/23 @ 3 AM – 7/26 @ 3 AM.


Revolutionary is one way of putting this collection, absolutely breath-taking. Perfect design and smooth in every way. This is what you should be wearing for your summer. Collection is made up of 18k Gold and 2 year warranties, you can be every bit sure of the quality you are getting. Before you leave check out this amazing collection before its too late Find the perfect gift at Monica Vinader.


Kissed by the gods is how I would describe this collection. It is attractive almost spell binding and I find myself aching for all of them. My favorite collection is Estee Lalonde – very often find myself on a beach somewhere very blue with the smell of the ocean not far off. Visit them here and find your calling Gift Daisy London for any occasion for that special someone. Choose from coveted necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets.


Well known for clothing but have you seen their jewelry collection? It is really impressive and you can see it right here. I like how they have managed to keep everything balanced and kept their merchandise exciting from clothing to accessories did I mention they are affordable – check it out here and tell me its unbelievable!


Color Pop Earrings – Floral – $69.00

Essential Sculptural Bangle – Large – Gold – $49.00

Signature Engravable Disc Necklace – Gold – $69.00

Another commendable store that balances their clothing line with mind-blowing jewelry collection. Bring on the bling baby -you can trust Stella¨ to have you shining this happy season! From studs to chandeliers; ’tis a season to be bold with plenty ear candy. Visit their awesome ear collection right here;


Define your look and style. I strongly believe that jewelry can complement any outfit if chosen right – and the barely-there kind has in all proven cases taken the lead in adding a level of panache. Looks good on anyone too! I appreciate the glow it gives without trying too hard, I mean you shine in all the right areas – and get to keep the items for a really long time (with the right care of course, check our read on caring for your jewelry).

If you are thinking about buying minimalist jewelry think mainly about 2 things – 1. Can you wear it everyday? Does it complement what you have in your closet? Often than not people will buy jewelry with no link to your wardrobe – which is a big NO because then that good-looking piece of jewelry will be put aside until you find fitting outfits.

2. What does it mean to you? I swear if you practice you will show restraint every time you make a purchase. Its simple you only buy what you really need. It will go a long way to ensuring you don’t overspend. I am a sucker for beauty but also practice responsible buying – because I want to keep whatever I buy for my daughter. I’m sentimental about that too.

Love Yourself ♥

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